The “Staande Mast Route”

The Staande Mast Route (Mast-Up Route) is a safe through-route for sailing and motor boats with an overall height of over six metres. The route is used by both commercial shipping and leisure craft. Water management authorities have agreed to harmonize the opening times of bridges and locks as closely as possible. A new agreement has been signed for the West Netherlands route for the period up to 2020

At a speed of 9 knots, using the Staande Mastroute, you can sail from the IJsselmeer to the Volkerak locks in only 24 hours. The Staande Mastroute consists of a concatenated network of waterways controled by different authorities.

To ensure a smooth transit Rijkswaterstaat issued an agreement to harmonize service times of bridges and locks. Summer service schedule starts April 1st and end October 31st. Outside these months different bridge- and lock timetables may apply!

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