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Ship Chartering & Towage

IMC is frequently called upon by dredging contractors, construction companies and renewable energy developers to source suitable floating equipment to support a variety of maritime projects, worldwide.

Some recent projects include (a.o.) (port) infrastructure works, reclamation projects, (de)mobilization of floating plant, offshore wind farm support, aggregate transport, (sea)bed leveling, ocean & coastal towage, demolition/scrap towage, etc.

Sale & Purchase

Our experienced brokers are dedicated to representing both Buyers and Sellers interests with an impartial view to secure you the accurate information you require in making the asset disposal or acquisition decision.

Using the latest technologies we monitor a wide range of vessels ensuring our information is up to date and accessible 24/7.


IMC has established a solid reputation for total commitment to serving the maritime industry’s emergency and response needs.

Thinking outside the box, fast response times and an excellent global network of emergency response providers make IMC your best choice for maritime calamities, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.