Scafi takes over towage business in Rijeka port

Croatian company Jadrinska Pomorski Servis which owns a concession contract for towage services in the port of Rijeka, at crude oil terminal Omišalj and in the port of Zadar will soon become part of the Italian Scafi Group.

Sources familiar with the matter told Splash that the company led by Franco Visco presented the highest bid to buy the company and that a due diligence is currently underway. The closing of the deal is expected to take place in the coming weeks.

Jadrinska Pomorski Servis has a fleet of 11 tugs, three barges and one pontoon crane and operates in the port of Rijeka and Zadar thanks to a concession contract with the local port authority; bunker supplies are also being delivered to vessels by a barge pushed by a tug. The same company also offers salvage and firefighting services, and ecological protection of the sea and the coast.

As of today Scafi group operates towage services in Italy in the port of La Spezia, Savona and Gioia Tauro and in Panama in the port of Cristobal.

A few months ago this company was part of a proposed triple merger with two other Italian groups, Augustea and Cafimar, but the project has now been put on standby following the recent sale of Augustea’s port towage business to Rimorchiatori Riuniti.

Source: Splash24/7


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