RWE inaugurates 295MW offshore wind project in German North Sea

RWE Innogy has officially started operations at the 295MW Nordsee Ost wind farm in North Sea Germany.

The offshore power plant is located nearly 35km north to Heligoland. It covers an area of 24km2 and has been built at water depths of up to 25m.

The wind farm is equipped with 48 wind turbines that can generate enough electricity to power 320,000 households per year.

German Minister of Economics Sigmar Gabriel said: “Offshore wind energy is a strategically important element of Germany’s energy and climate policy and is key to the success of the energy transition.
“Thanks to its continuous input into the grid and its high-electricity yields, offshore power generation makes a crucial contribution towards a diversified and reliable energy supply system.”

RWE has invested more than €1bn for the construction of the project, while a €50m contribution came from the European Union.

RWE will be responsible for operations and servicing of the facility for the next 20 years.

RWE CEO Peter Terium said: “The expansion of renewable energy is one of our main growth areas and offshore wind energy will play a vital role. RWE will become the third largest player in the European offshore market this year.

“And we are growing further: in only one month’s time, we will be commissioning another wind farm, Gwynt y Môr, located off the coast of Wales.”

source: Power Technology


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