MultiCat goes salt “mushroom” dredging in Jordan

International Marine Consultancy secured a long term bareboat charter for a MultiCat in the Dead Sea.

At the south end of the Dead Sea, The Arab Potash Company Ltd (APC) operates a solar system for the production of Potash. Dead Sea water is pumped into the system and evaporates as it flows through the system. The condensed brine then flows through the Carnallite Pans where potash is produced.

In the mid 80’s a natural phenomenon was observed in the artificial pond. The salt started to crystallize in the form of “mushrooms” in various parts of the pond. Columns of salt started to grow from the shallow bottom. Once they reached the surface, they started to grow at an accelerated speed at the sides, which created a form that resembled mushrooms. These mushrooms limited the surface area and the evaporation capability of the pond.

The MultiCat will be employed to break up and remove the salt mushrooms to a minimum depth of 2 meter below brine level.