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US World War II tank dredged from Manila Bay

(AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

The Philippine coast guard says the wreckage of a U.S. tank has been dredged from Manila Bay's muddy seafloor more than 60 years after the end of World War II.
Spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Armand Balilo said Wednesday the M4A1 Sherman tank was accidentally discovered Saturday stuck in mud 15 to 20 feet (4.5 to 6 meters) underwater by a dredging company near the mouth of Pasig River.
Balilo says there appears to be no human remains inside the tank. It was discovered without its turret and tracks.
He says a Japanese 105 mm cannon was recovered nearby in July.
Manila was the scene of heavy fighting between U.S. and Japanese forces during the liberation of the Philippines in 1945, and war-era arms and ammunition have been found in the city.

source: Reuters



Hello , to look are christian101ab tank Sherman of wibrin in Ardenne there belgium

Joseph Dali-an

Joseph Dali-an wrote

naku lupet nmn! madme p po nyan sa manila bay cguro yan po ung mga units ng US army n hindi mapakinabangan o masyadong marmi ng cira kaya tinapon nlng jan.. ginawa kc taung tapunan ng mga basura ng US warships ng nung world war 2.. pra hindi n masikip s loob ng mga carrier nila iniiwan nlng nla d2 stin ung mga sira na..heheheh itago po nyo yan rare n po ang mga gnyan ngaun..


spunky05 wrote

i think hindi yan tinapon remember some of the units ng US army ngstart ng attack from manila bay and japanese defenders are from Imperial japanese navy so they have some anti ship and anti tank guns installed sa manila bay. isa yan sa mga sherman tanks na na hit ng mga guns na yun.


Gerhard wrote

The tank is held at a government facility. It is available for sale...Gerhard


gregory wrote

i think that there are destroyed navy boats underwater in manila bay