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Tugboat mural gets makeover

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A familiar wall in Downtown Coos Bay is getting a much needed makeover, as a local artist plans to restore the tugboat mural.
Twenty years ago, Mike Vaughan painted the wall, located near the Boardwalk off Highway 101. And this week, the Coos Bay Urban Renewal Agency approved a contract of no more than $10,000 for Vaughan to restore the mural.
Vaughan says the renovation will bring a lot more color than his original sketch idea, that's currently up.
"People didn't translate that as well as I thought they would," said Vaughan. "And so it's not going to look like a sketch anymore, it's going to be more cull colored and blended better."
But other than making the mural pop, Vaughan says the images themselves will remain the same, claiming, these ships are iconic of Coos Bay's Port.
"The economy is hit pretty hard and so there's not as many ships coming in, which is kind of the murals job to say, when there isn't a ship in, this is what it looks like when there is," said Vaughan.
Work is expected to get underway Friday, which means, the public parking lot next to the wall will be closed off and on for about two weeks, before the project is complete.
source: KCBY-TV



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