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See the stomach-churning tugboat effort to take a Russian aircraft carrier under tow

Video footage has emerged of the incredible effort required by the Russian tugboat Nikolay Chiker in 2012 to rescue the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov when its trouble-prone engines broke down during heavy weather in the Bay off Biscay, off the coast of Spain and France.

Russia’s largest warship was returning from a diplomatic visit to strife-torn Syria: A sign of Russia’s support for President Assad which would be borne out by the deployment of combat jets there in September this year.


The ocean-going tugboat is seen bobbing like a cork as it manoeuvres in heavy waves alongside the powerless 43,000 tonne warship. One miscalculation — one surprise lurch — could result in catastrophe.

The entire effort was to fire a line — you can see the smoke trail — between the two ships.

This would, in turn, be used to haul a much heavier cable into place.

The tugboat would then gradually take up the tension, and drag the mammoth aircraft carrier all the way back to Russia for repairs.

Admiral Kuznetsov was spotted again last year passing through the English Channel after another visit to the Mediterranean.

source: News Ltd