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New report predicts increase in offshore expenditure

A new Douglas-Westwood report commissioned by INTSOK reveals that overall expenditure levels of 19 target countries and 26 key onshore and offshore market sectors is expected to total $2 trillion over the 2009-2013 period.
Within the offshore target markets, expenditure is expected to grow from $163 billion in 2009 to $222 billion in 2013, according to the report. Key drivers include the strong growth in energy demand from the developing countries, increasing tightness in global energy supplies, and a resultant growth in oil prices.
Douglas-Westwood Chairman John Westwood believes that opportunities within the shallow water markets are becoming increasingly scarce and operators are moving to prospects in greater water depths.
source: Offshore Magazine

New Wave Piercing Design for Offshore Market

In Oslo at Norshipping 2009 Roll-Royce debuted an innovative wave piercing design for the offshore market, the new UT 790 CD vessel design.

“With the UT 790 CD, we can support offshore exploration and production further and deeper while at the same time improving safety and minimizing the impact on the environment,” said Svein Kleven, Rolls-Royce Chief Design Manager – Offshore.

The unique hull piercing design is designed to allow the vessel to run continuously at service speeds regardless of the sea state reducing fuel consumption and improving crew comfort.

This technology reportedly eliminates slamming and allows for a smooth ride even in extreme weather conditions. At speeds of 14 knots and violent storm conditions (9 m significant high waves), tank tests have shown no water above forecastle deck level.

The UT 790 CD vessel presented in Oslo is a deep-water anchor-handling vessel. The vessel meets all existing regulations from the Norwegian Maritime Directorate and all latest international regulations such as SOLAS2009 and Special Purpose Vessel codes and regulations.

source: MarineLink.com

Nigeria militants say attack offshore Shell oilfield

Nigeria's main militant group said on Sunday its fighters had attacked an offshore oil facility belonging to Royal Dutch Shell off the coast of southern Nigeria.
"Hurricane Piper Alpha lashed out at the Shell offshore Ofirma oilfields today ... blowing up jacket A in the process. The structure is currently engulfed in fire," the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) said in an email.
There was no immediate independent confirmation.

source: Reuters