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MC-Class vessel venture targeting heavy offshore transport

BigLift Shipping and RollDock Shipping have formed a joint company, BigRoll, which will operate two newbuild transportation vessels.

The MC-Class module carriers (maximum deadweight 22,500 metric tons/24,802 tons) will be available around end-2014 to early-2015 for transport of ultra large and heavy modular cargoes by sea, including offshore structures.

The design focus will be on short loading and discharging times, high service speed (13 knots) and low acceleration. Both vessels will have DP-2 and Finnish Swedish 1A ice class notations.

Overall length of the MC-Class is 169 m (554 ft) with a beam of 42 m (138 ft), providing a deck space of 42 x 125 m (138 x 410 ft). Room on the main decks is maximized by keeping them free of manholes and air heads.

Loading and discharging of modules can be performed over the vessels’ stern or side by ro-ro or skidding. To minimize loading/discharge time the ballast capacity of the vessel is 12,000 cu m/hr.

Specifications MC-Class
Length over all: 169 m
Width over all: 42 m
Hull depth: 12 m
Design draught: 5.5 m
Deadweight (max).: 22,500 mt
Ballast capacity: 12,000 m3/hr
Free deck space: 125 x 42 m
Deck strength: 20 ton/m2
DP 2
Finnish/Swedish Ice Class 1A
Service speed 13 knots

source: PennEnergy

The Versabar VB 10,000

About Versabar

Versabar was founded in 1981 by University of Illinois Civil Engineering Graduate Jon Khachaturian. Beginning with the reusable spreader bar, Jon has presently registered 44 foreign and domestic patents, leading Versabar to a position of world leadership in the development and application of heavy lifting solutions. Pioneering the disciplines of certified weight measurement and proof load testing, Versabar has expanded its international portfolio to include hydraulic winch and custom chain jack rental, subsea lowering systems, umbilical and riser pull-ins and deployment of subsea jumper bars.

The VB 10,000

The Versabar heavy lift vessel, named the VB 10,000, was built in a span of 12 months and launched in October 2010 from Gulf Marine Fabricators in Ingleside, Texas. With a rated lift capacity of 7,500 tons, the VB 10,000 is the largest lift vessel ever built in the United States.

Picture via Offshore Magazine

The innovative VB 10,000 consists of two 240' tall lift gantries joined to twin 300' by 72' barges to form a catamaran. The gantries are connected to the barges by patented articulated pins which decouple barge motion from the gantries. The vessel is equipped with a Class 3 DP system consisting of four 1,000 HP thrusters in each barge which enable it to maneuver on site and hold station in any water depth over 35 feet. The VB 10,000's four 2,000-ton heavy lift blocks are paired with custom-engineered 400-ton hydraulic winches which may be operated independently or in a synchronized manner.

Videos © Versabar

In the last year, the VB 10,000 performed over 40 offshore lifts, including underwater debris retrieval, topside decommissioning, and jacket removal and reefing, thus demonstrating the versatility of the vessel's capabilities.

Mighty Servant 3 Rejoins Dockwise Fleet

Dockwise Ltd, announces that, through its subsidiary the fully renewed and reinstated Mighty Servant 3 has rejoined the fleet of Dockwise.

The vessel has been under repair at the Grand Bahama Shipyard since January, 2008. The entire vessel has been rebuilt beginning with the steel hull. New machinery, electrical systems and equipment have been installed to the latest standards and designs, using the original functionality and foot print.

"This is a reinstatement project in a magnitude that has never been performed before - no one has ever taken a vessel submerged in 50 meters of seawater for 5 months and brought her back to service. This has been a very unique project," stated Eugène van Dodeweerd, Manager Fleet Supervision Quality & Safety of Dockwise Shipping B.V..

The two Wärtsilä (W12V38A) engines were extracted from the vessel locally, fully dismantled and later shipped in parts to Wärtsilä Netherland's workshop in Zwolle. The accommodations block was extended by inserting an additional layer to accommodate up to 50 persons including crewmembers, visiting clients and personnel. Additionally all interior elements have been renewed and updated to the most modern standards.

"The Mighty Servant 3 will be available to serve customers to the highest operational and safety standards for transport, installation and logistical management projects in the future. The return of this vessel to the fleet is a turning point in reinstatement history," said André Goedée, Chief Executive Officer of Dockwise Ltd.

source: MarineLink.com