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Articles published in 2013

ULSTEIN announces ‘Seven Viking’ nominated as ‘Ship of the Year 2013’



The IMR vessel ‘Seven Viking’ has been nominated as ‘Ship of the Year 2013’ by the maritime magazine ‘Skipsrevyen’. ‘Seven Viking’ has been working for Statoil in the North Sea since February, and carries out a multitude of tasks including inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) of subsea oil installations, alongside scale treatment and RFO operations. The vessel is designed and constructed by ULSTEIN and owned by Eidesvik Offshore and Subsea 7.

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“’Seven Viking’ is a high quality product, a ship that is tailor-made for IMR (Inspection Maintenance and Repair) operations and with unmatched technical and operational capacity within this sector. She operates in a most satisfactory way, and our client is very pleased. She has become the ‘talk-of-the-town’ within the oil and gas sector”, claims Subsea 7’s Offshore Manager, Vidar Øvstedal.

Optimised for a variety of tasks

Although restricted in size, the vessel is certainly not restricted in her capacity to carry a litany of essential subsea tools and personnel, thanks to a clever configuration whereby hull space is maximised and equipment is integrated within a large hangar area.

“She is a truly optimised design for her array of tasks,” states Stuart Fitzgerald, Vice President Norway, Subsea 7. “The ability to carry all the necessary maintenance equipment on board the vessel ensures that she can operate continually and meet any challenge, absolutely minimising operational downtime. In addition, she features a separate accommodation unit – positioned away from all active work areas – to ensure that the crew can rest without any disturbances.”


“I am overwhelmed. Being on board a brand-new vessel, I had expected some teething problems, but all systems are working smoothly. We hardly had any disruptions in our work whatsoever”, says Captain Jan Tangenes from Eidesvik Offshore.


The vessel incorporates the X-BOW® hull line design to reduce motion in transit and give increased stability in the rough weather that can be expected in the North Sea. Despite this enviable stability, something usually associated with size, this SX148 design from ULSTEIN has been crafted to be compact in stature – measuring ‘just’ 106.5 metres long and 24.5 metres wide.

“Delivers beyond expectations”

“This is a fabulous vessel. We are maintaining a service speed of 16 knots in quite rough weather, and we had no trouble with that. The comfort for personnel onboard is very good. This is my first X-BOW® vessel, and I am very pleased. She delivers beyond my expectations so far”, says Tangenes, adding: “I am really impressed by this vessel”.

• Length 106.5m x breadth moulded 24.5m
• Service Speed: 16.0 knots
• Accommodation: 90 persons
• AHC Offshore crane: 135 Te @13m
• 2 x Workclass ROVs
• 1 x Observation class ROV


18m Multicat For Sale

ID - MC54233
Built: 1976, major refit 2008 (new wheelhouse and accommodation/galley 2011)
Class: MCA Cat 2
Dimensions: LOA 17.50 Meter / Beam 6 Meter / Draft 1.80 Meter Bollard Pull: 8.5T
Speed: 9 Knots
Deck Space: 45 sq.m
Crane: 24t/m crane
Accommodation: forward day compartment + galley, cabin for 2 crew

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The Chinese plan to sail to Iceland via the North Sea and the Arctic

Pictured above is the MV Xuě Lóng (雪龙, "Snow Dragon″), a Chinese icebreaking research vessel.

The Chinese plan to sail to Iceland through the Arctic in 2020, or in only seven years. Hopes are that the passage over the Arctic will be open four months a year by then, so that ships can sail between Asia and Europe. Huigen Yang, director of the Polar Research Institute of China, talked about this with the Minister of Foreign affairs in Iceland.

"For us Icelanders this is very important, and Iceland is the logical endpoint of this sailing route" said Mr. Ossur Skarphedinsson, Minister of Foreign affairs. He met with Huigen Yang recently where they discussed the possibilities of sailing through the Arctic, among other things.

"Yang said that if 10% of goods exports from China to Europe went through the Arctic in 2020, that would be goods worth 700 billion USD. That is extremely much, and it has been mentioned before in the discussions with the Chinese that they will use large, reinforced container ships, and they would like to be able to transship the goods in Iceland before they continue to Europe. This creates many opportunities for Iceland." said Ossur.

Mr. Ossur also said that Icelanders should prepare fast for these changes, and look for international funding to fund the construction of a large harbor that would be needed to offer the required service.

"Of course not only the Chinese will use this sailing route, but other sailing nations as well, and I think that it is feasible for us Icelanders to connect these nations together and cooperate with them, regarding funding and construction of a large international goods harbor that services sailing through the Arctic.", said Ossur and he added:

"Singapore, Dubai and European port companies have already visited Iceland and showed much interest in these possibilities. We have always believed in this sailing route, both because of the ocean currents and because of the ice thickness, and it is important that a large nation like Chine agrees with us, and they have already prepared to use the route. Huigen Yang said that the Chinese are already preparing to build reinforced container ships, that are designed by the Finnish, and they have already demonstrated in the Kara Sea that these ships can sail through meter thick ice and would not need the aid of ice breakers."

Ossur says that this would not only be very important for the Icelandic economy, specially in North Iceland, but this could also change the political position of Iceland. He said:

"This can revolutionize the geopolitical position of Iceland against Europe, Asia and the US, because Iceland is at an important location in this sailing route between continents. The Americans did not understand this some time ago, but most people are starting to realize this now."

Source: http://eyjan.pressan.is/frettir/2013/03/15/kinverjar-aforma-storflutninga-yfir-nordurpol-innan-farra-ara-ossur-gaetu-verid-gridarleg-taekifaeri-fyrir-island/