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Noorderlaan 79 bus 20
2030 Antwerp
T +32 3 226 24 10
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Member of BIMCO

IMC is a member of BIMCO

Mission and Vision Statement


  • Our mission is to maximize customer value through world class service practices and continually striving for excellence in the services we provide.
  • To provide high quality services that combine performance with value pricing, while establishing a successful relationship with our customers.
  • To work with utmost devotion and boost up the standard of organization within challenging conditions and situations.
  • We are convinced we will be around for a very long time thanks to excellent customer service and value added services.


  • To be the most passionate broker in the industry, while striving to provide our clients with the optimum services they deserve.
  • Understand that service excellence at the front lines has to start with the concept of service excellence at the level of top management.
  • Acknowledge that the service excellence concept must be a key part of the very structure and operation of the organization.
  • Understand that people and systems in the organization must be constantly fine-tuned to customer needs and management's evolving concept of service excellence.
  • Aiming at the improvement of competitiveness of the sector.