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IMC was founded as International Marine Consultancy in 1996 as a privately held brokerage firm that specialized in towage, sale & purchase and chartering. The headquarters of IMC are located in Antwerp, Belgium.

Widely recognised for the planning and execution of delicate marine projects, we are called upon by our customers during the very first stages of the preparation of complex logistical challenges.This means very close co-operation with the customer, providing realistic, cost effective-solutions and execution in accordance with the project criteria.

Our services rely entirely on knowledge, experience and information systems offering accurate market intelligence and rapid response to our customers.

IMC monitors a wide range of tonnage worldwide, allowing us to secure the right vessel to match your toughest enquiries :

  • crewboats
  • multicats
  • tugs (harbour, coastal, deep-sea
  • offshore vessels (AHTS, PSV, ETV)
  • flattop barges
  • accommodation barges / flotels
  • jack-up barges
  • dredgers (cutter suction dredger, trailing hopper suction dredger, dipper dredger)
  • hopper barges (self-propelled, dumb, remote controlled, split or bottom door)

IMC stands for : professionalism and friendliness regardless of the circumstances, a correct service tailored exactly to your needs, precise offers without surprises, strict quality standards, open and clear communication in each phase of the project and above all a genuine motivation to deliver.